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121 ways To Say Good Morning

  1. Rise and shine!

  2. Good day!

  3. Top of the morning to you!

  4. Morning greetings!

  5. Hello, sunshine!

  6. A very good morning to you!

  7. Good day ahead!

  8. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!

  9. Have a great morning!

  10. Wishing you a lovely morning!

  11. Good morning sunshine!

  12. Good morning beautiful!

  13. Bonjour!

  14. Buongiorno!

  15. Guten Morgen!

  16. Dobro jutro!

  17. God morgen!

  18. Kalimera!

  19. Ohayo gozaimasu!

  20. Sabah al-khair!

  21. Suprabhatam!

  22. A new day has come!

  23. It's a great day to be alive!

  24. Good morning, world!

  25. Good morning, lovely people!

  26. Good morning, beautiful souls!

  27. Hello, early bird!

  28. Have a bright and happy day!

  29. Start your day with a smile!

  30. Today is a new beginning!

  31. Good morning, my friend!

  32. Good morning, my love!

  33. Good morning, my dear!

  34. Good morning, my sweetheart!

  35. It's a beautiful day outside!

  36. Let the day begin!

  37. Time to start the day!

  38. Good morning, everyone!

  39. Good morning, team!

  40. Good morning, colleagues!

  41. Good morning, staff!

  42. Good morning, boss!

  43. Good morning, clients!

  44. Good morning, customers!

  45. Good morning, guests!

  46. Good morning, students!

  47. Good morning, teachers!

  48. Good morning, parents!

  49. Good morning!

  50. Rise and shine!

  51. Top of the morning to you!

  52. Good day, mate!

  53. Hello, beautiful!

  54. Howdy, partner!

  55. Bonjour!

  56. Buenos dias!

  57. Guten Morgen!

  58. Ohayo gozaimasu! (Japanese for "Good morning")

  59. Sabah al-khayr! (Arabic for "Good morning")

  60. Namaste!

  61. Salut!

  62. Shubh prabhat! (Hindi for "Good morning")

  63. Selamat pagi! (Indonesian for "Good morning")

  64. Labas rytas! (Lithuanian for "Good morning")

  65. God morgen! (Norwegian for "Good morning")

  66. Szia! (Hungarian for "Hi!")

  67. Buongiorno!

  68. Dobro jutro! (Croatian for "Good morning")

  69. Hafa adai! (Chamorro for "Hello" or "Good morning")

  70. Jo napot kivanok! (Hungarian for "Good day")

  71. Moin moin! (Northern German for "Good morning")

  72. Zdravstvuyte! (Russian for "Hello")

  73. Gunaydin! (Turkish for "Good morning")

  74. Dobroye utro! (Russian for "Good morning")

  75. Kalimera! (Greek for "Good morning")

  76. Aloha kakahiaka! (Hawaiian for "Good morning")

  77. Bon matin! (French for "Good morning")

  78. Bom dia! (Portuguese for "Good morning")

  79. God dag! (Swedish for "Good morning")

  80. Ohayo! (Japanese for "Good morning")

  81. Suprabhatam! (Sanskrit for "Good morning")

  82. Goedemorgen! (Dutch for "Good morning")

  83. Goeiemorgen! (Flemish for "Good morning")

  84. As-salamu alaykum! (Arabic for "Peace be upon you")

  85. Annyeonghaseyo! (Korean for "Hello")

  86. Bonan matenon! (Esperanto for "Good morning")

  87. Dobro jutro, ljubavi! (Croatian for "Good morning, my love!")

  88. G'mornin'!

  89. Good day to you!

  90. Good morning, sunshine!

  91. Hey there, sleepyhead!

  92. Good morning, my dear!

  93. How do you do?

  94. Morning, love!

  95. Good morning, world!

  96. Hello, sunshine!

  97. Hi there!

  98. Good morning, gorgeous!

  99. Good morning, handsome!

  100. Hey, good lookin'!

  101. Rise and grind!

  102. Time to get up and at 'em!

  103. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!

  104. Up and at 'em, soldier!

  105. Good morning, team!

  106. Good morning, friends!

  107. Happy morning to you!

  108. Have a great day!

  109. Good morning, everyone!

  110. A new day has begun!

  111. Let's start the day off right!

  112. Good morning, champs!

  113. Good morning, rockstars!

  114. Good morning, athletes!

  115. Good morning, artists!

  116. Good morning, innovators!

  117. Good morning, dreamers!

  118. Good morning, achievers!

  119. Good morning, heroes!

  120. Good morning, legends!

  121. Good morning, pioneers!

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