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I have been taking cold showers for more than 2 years now, and I have seen some tremendous benefits to my health, mental health, and mind. The cold showers can benefit you as well. Here is the 9 reason why you should take a cold shower everyday:

1. It reduces stress levels Cold showers can reduce stress in your life. They do this by reducing the level of uric acid present inside your body, and increasing the level of glutathione in your bloodstream. The combination of these two will result in less stress.

2. It boosts your immunity A cold shower stimulates the heart rate. Due to this fresh, oxygenated blood floods our organs. This provides them with much-needed nutrients. It keeps your heart healthy & keeps skin problems away.

3. It helps develop stronger willpower A cold shower is probably one of the most uncomfortable things you must do. Taking cold showers daily requires tremendous willpower. Cold showers will help you build stronger willpower and mental health over time.

4. It helps in improving skin health Hot water dries out the skin. However, cold water causes your skin pores to tighten. As a result, they do not get clogged with dirt. Moreover, cold water does not strip away the natural oils in your skin.

5. It helps in muscle recovery A cold shower increases blood circulation in your body. This increased blood circulation has an impressive impact on your muscles' ability to recover from a workout. The coldness of the water will reduce the inflammation of your muscle.

6. It helps in weight loss There are two main types of fat in our bodies. These are the brown and the white fat. White fat is not good for us while brown fat is great. Cold water will activate your brown fat cells, which are specialized in turning calories into heat.

7. It helps with breathing If you have taken a cold shower before, you know it's pretty difficult to breathe the moment cold water hits your body. You find yourself gasping for breath. This deep breathing is highly beneficial. It increases your intake of oxygen & heart rate.

8. It helps maintain healthy hair The cold water helps in maintaining healthy hair. The cold temperature seals the pores of your scalp. Due to this, your scalp doesn't get clogged with dirt and cold showers do not strip away the natural oils in your hair.

9. It helps with depression A study done by the University of Virginia (School Of Medicine) shows that cold showers help with the symptoms of depression. Scientists found that being momentarily cold sends more depression-easing electrical impulses to the brain.

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