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Dale Gribble Quotes

Dale Gribble is a fictional character from the animated television series "King of the Hill," which aired from 1997 to 2010. Created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, the show revolves around the lives of the Hill family and their friends in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas.

Dale Gribble Quotes

Dale Gribble is known for his paranoid personality, conspiracy theories, and unique worldview. He is a pest exterminator and has a wife named Nancy and a son named Joseph. Dale often wears a hat and sunglasses and is a loyal friend to Hank Hill, one of the main characters. His memorable quotes and eccentric behavior have made him a fan favorite.

Here are a few notable Dale Gribble quotes:

1. "I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens."

2. "Pocket sand!"

3. "The government is using satellites to read our minds!"

4. "Bobby, you're gonna have to learn that in this world, sometimes you have to lie."

5. "I don't mind cleaning up after you. It's what I'm here for, that and the money."

6. "You can't change the stripes on a tiger, and you can't change the spots on a leopard, but you can try to make it illegal for them to hold public office."

7. "Rust never sleeps, man."

8. "I tell ya, I'd get me a shotgun and shoot that thing... if I weren't so afraid of prison food."

Dale Gribble's unique personality and quirky quotes contribute to the humor and charm of "King of the Hill."

Dale Gribble Quotes

Certainly! Here are 10 memorable quotes from Dale Gribble, the eccentric character from "King of the Hill":

1. "I'm telling you, it's like a dang sauna on the sun out here."

2. "Government's real big, they got their hands in everything... but you try to find a fingerprint."

3. "A woman can forgive a man for the harm he does her, but she can never forgive him for the sacrifices he makes on her account."

4. "Bobby, don't you recognize your own father? It's me, Hank!"

5. "I've got no patience for lactose; it's milk gone sour the traitor to my kind."

6. "People call 'em flashlights, but they don't flash. People call 'em walkie-talkies, but they don't walk."

7. "The only way I can be killed by a woman is if she decides to poison me."

8. "It's not slander if it's true."

9. "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth."

10. "The laws of this land are mine, not the laws of the United States."

For more Dale Gribble quotes, I recommend watching episodes of "King of the Hill," as his witty and paranoid remarks are an integral part of his character's charm.

Dale Gribble Quotes

**Quotes about the Government and Conspiracy:**

1. "The government listens to everything we say. Even now, they're using satellites to spy on us while we talk. Isn't that right, Redcorn?"

2. "I've got a folder at home labeled 'Government Lies.' I've been collecting evidence of their cover-ups for years."

**Funny Quotes:**

1. "Bobby, some people are just genetically engineered to be scared. I am one of them."

2. "I knew it! It's an alien conspiracy to turn men into women and women into geese!"

3. "You know what a woman is? A conspiracy to get into your wallet."

**Conspiracy Quotes:**

1. "Bobby, the government's been in bed with the entire pan-continental broadcast media since the '40s. They've been using them to dispense propaganda."

2. "I've been monitoring the situation. It's just as I feared—aliens. They're here and they're taking over our planet!"

**Funniest Quotes:**

1. "Bobby, if you weren't my son, I'd hug you."

2. "It's like I'm always telling people, you're nobody in this town until you're sued for some ridiculous reason."

3. "Women will use any means to get us to lower our guard: crying, empathy, even acceptance."


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