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Kimberly Noel Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, and businesswoman. She first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, but received wider notice after the sex tape Kim Kardashian, Superstar, shot in 2002 with her then-boyfriend Ray J, was released in 2007.

Born: 21 October 1980

Source - Wikipedia

I play into the Perception of me, but it's not really me.

It's called Seflish, which is fitting.

I'm not trying to influence anyone else; I'm not saying, "Do what I do." I think it's a little pretentious to say, "I'm a Role model"; I would never say that, and I don't think of myself that way.

Five months later I swore I would never get Pregnant again. I grew so much and it felt like someone had taken over my body.

I think as long as you learn from your Mistakes, and don't make them over and over again, you're on the right path.

I buy myself a gift every year, so this year I bought everything I Wanted.

I Don't Really Like Thanksgiving Food, I'm Not Worried About Overeating.

I'll cry at the end of the day, not with fresh Makeup.

Remember, people only rain on your Parade because they're jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.

I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might Struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me.

When there's so many haters and negative things, I really don’t Care.

First and foremost, I Married for love.

I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly Surprised.

The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big Picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV.

❝ You never know what the Future holds or where my life will take me.❞

My twerking Skills are for the bedroom, not for the club.

I think I'll always be a hopeless Romantic

It doesn`t matter if you have a Valentine or not - just love yourself and be your own.

❝ I think parents need to make sure they have parental controls and not have their credit card linked up to in-app purchases so their kids can just spend whenever they want to. They need to ask permission.❞

If you can fix a problem with Money, it's not really a problem.

I don't need a relationship to Define how i am.

I really see myself continuing to Design clothes, fragrances.

My reality is never going to be stick-skinny.

Keep working out to be the Best version of yourself.

Once u go Black U'l never go back.

I'm already fat enough! I don't wanna get put on Steroids from a spider bite.

Having Lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends.

I'm doing it with Class cause I got a big ass.

I just wanted to be Perfect.❞

❝ Shopping online is the greatest invention of Life.❞

I have this sixth Sense where I can tell if someone has a cavity.

❝ I would rather get beaten up by the media then live an Unhappy life. ❞

It just me or is this Seat really comfortable.

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