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Pinchamayurasana पिंचमायुरासन

Trying to make it more pretzel but my flexibility is limited.

I’m going to catch up on your posts dearest yogis! 💙

Please check out my lovely cohosts and other yogis for the motivation and inspiration too 💙💙💙

Stay supple, stay fit! To improve your strength and flexibility no matter what your age is.

Consistent yoga practice will give your body strength and a beautiful lean yoga shape.

Your Yoga journey will lead to all of the above and depending on how often you practice, results will be very evident in a short time.

Join us in these 5 days and tell us how yoga has changed your perception both physical & mental through balance.

Pose Lineup:

1. Line (Any straight line, e.g. plank, straight-legged inversion, any split) 💙

2. Pretzel (Any pretzel bind shape, e.g. super soldier, eagle legs, lotus legs, etc...)💙

3. Wave (Any wave shape, e.g. fish pose, hollow back, etc...)

4. Angle (Any angle shape, e.g. triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, etc...)

5. Free choice of any shape.

Requirement: 💙

🤸 Follow all the hosts & the sponsors.

🤸 Repost the flyer with the caption & tag 2 or more friends 👯 to join in.

🤸 Post a photo daily using #getfitwithwinyasa & tag/mention all the hosts & the sponsors.

🤸 Keep your profile on public and mention your country of residence.

🤸 Be safe

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"The greatest things in life require time, patience, and perseverance."

"The greatest things in life require time, patience, and perseverance." "जीवन में सबसे बड़ी चीज़ों के लिए समय, धैर्य और दृढ़ता की आवश्यकता होती है।"

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