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Walking in the Moonlight Lyrics

In the moonlight,

I bask in the light

Thinking of you,

And I miss you.

Stand by, waiting,

My sense are failing,

I wish you're here, with me.

I wish you're here.

'Cause the light, has fade,

And I'am so afraid,

That you are walking away,

And you are walking away.

And tonight, I'll scream,

And tonight, I'll wait,

Over and over again,

Over and over again.

I'm in the corner,

In my cold room.

All alone,

I'm on my own.

Tired of wailing,

While I'm sitting,

I fake a smile,

'Cause you're not mine, anymore.

I love you, and I'm missing you,

And I love you, but I'm losing you.


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